Vamas is currently a fifth-generation business with roots in early 1960. Earlier known by ‘Jalaram Cloth Store’ ran by Late Shri Vinodchandra Parekh, it received immense popularity in the stitching industry. The store has been specialized since back then in designing and stitching of blouses. His son, Mr. Jayesh Parekh, after gaining nearly 30 years of experience under him, later came with the concept of ready-to-wear designer blouses in early 2009. It was his vision which brought VAMAS into the manufacturing industry in March 2009.
The vision of ready to wear designer blouses has been appreciated all over India and overseas. VAMAS is the first and by-far the leading company, manufacturing ready-to-wear designer blouses for every size and in every price range from basic to high-end designer wear. Customer satisfaction has been the top-most priority in this years and we have received equally good response from our customers/buyers. Vamas has been partner with Ethnicity, a branch of Futuregroup India since 2009 and since back then it has been one of the the top most selling brand in the retail industry. Today nearly 27 outlets in Ethnicity are spread all over India, with many more still in progress.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Vamas is the pioneer and one of the world’s leading manufacturer in ready-to-wear designer blouses segment. It all started in 1960’s with a matching store, and since then it is the fifth generation which has evolved. In 2009, Mr. Jayesh Parekh, the sole founder of the establishment realized that custom-made designer blouses make customers wait for a considerable period of time and further even after that the satisfaction percentage is considerably low. Its correctly said that every idea is a solution to a problem. With a vision to provide customers with ready-to-wear designer blouses, Vamas came into existence in October 2009. The major challenge in the garment industry is the size/pharma of the product which is one of our brands USP. From, “first sari and then blouse”, Vamas, has been a trendsetter and we do see now, “first blouse and then sari”. In over a period of more than 6 years, Vamas, now caters almost all the possible segment, including Wholesale, Retail, Export and last but not the least E-Commerce. From an average of a piece per day, Vamas now sells a piece every minute. The sole and the only goal of the establishment has been customer satisfaction and with a same goal and vision we would like to approach the future.